Doug Randall
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Doug Randall creates luminous kiln formed glass pieces that combine vibrant color with classic and reverent form. The sculptural vessels series entitled “Offerings“ and “A fine balance” are influenced by his travels throughout the world. Some are inspired by ancient spiritual imagery in shrines which references the gesture of giving within these delicately balanced sculptural vessels. In general, they speak of a point from which the harmonious balances of life should be considered and appreciated. As a continuation of the vessel work, his new series “Gondola’s” speak metaphorically of ones travel and our life long journeys. Randall has worked with art glass as his main focus for nearly four decades. Following a 3 year professional internship in 1983, Doug worked and trained at the Bullseye Glass Company and the Pilchuck Glass school. Over his career he has completed many independent commissions, and shows his work at galleries throughout North America, South America and Europe.


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